The end of a very long road

I’ve been half marathon training technically since August, so the 3 miler that took place this morning was sort of epic. Robert and I woke up before the sun to try and “train” our brains into getting up early. The race on Saturday starts at 5:15 AM (which I had forgotten existed) and we are supposed to have a 3AM wake up call on race day.

Today’s run was an easy 3 miler, and was luckily a warm one. The temps were in the low 60’s, which is still about 20 degrees warmer than the low on race day. I’m not too worried, I just need to make a trip to Goodwill to get a throwaway sweatshirt and maybe some pants to wear before the start. The great thing about the Disney race is that they collect the thrown clothes and wash them to donate to Goodwill. So woot!

I was a little sore from running too fast on Tuesdays 4 miler (38:36, which seems super slow but it’s a PR for me), but we took it super easy and finished in about 31 minutes this morning. I stupidly wore an underarmor sweatshirt and was a sweaty mess by the end of it, so all I wanted was cold food. Enter the fitnessista breakfast cookie dough cereal (sort of). I have yet to purchase chia seeds or flax or whatever else food bloggers toss into their oats, but it was still protein rich and full of delicious.

1/3 cup Quaker Quick Oats
1.5 T Smuckers natural creamy peanut butter
1/4 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 t light brown sugar
2/3 soy milk light
about .5 cup of whole grain cheerios (for some extra crunch)

Unfortunately, since breakfast was consumed about 2 hours earlier than normal, I was a starvin marvin by 9:45am, and made a whole wheat english muffin with about .5 tablespoon of peanut butter. I am also consuming water like it’s going out of style out of my collectors cup from SeaWorld. It probably holds about 20 ounces, but it’s purple and has a stretchy straw and pictures of manta rays on it, so I obviously LOVE IT.

Today’s work agenda is pretty packed. I got an order for some logo design and business cards that I am super excited about, and have some more work to do on the store. It’s really coming along and I still can’t believe that this is what I get to do. Not many people get the opportunity to start their own business and work from home at such a young age. So big thanks to the husband for making that happen!

Pictures of food might happen sooner or later. I’m just super lazy and usually super hungry by the time I make food, so pictures are usually an afterthought after it looks like a half-eaten mess.



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