waking up is hard to do

The husband and I have devised a brilliant plan to get ready for our 3am wake up call on Saturday. We have woken up before 6am two days in a row now, yesterday at around 5, and today at 4:30. It literally hurt. My eyes were heavy, my stomach ached, and I wanted to curl back up under the sheets in the dark and sleep for another 3 hours. But we got up, turned on the news, and sat like zombies for an hour watching a homeless man become an NBA announcer.

I am a pretty big breakfast advocate, so I was pretty surprised to see that I had no appetite for breakfast. I always try to eat within an hour of waking up, so I made a quick bowl of oats that consisted of the following:

1/3 cup oats
2/3 cup water
1 T pb
1 t cocoa powder
1 t honey
2 T light soy milk

There wasn’t too much to it, I have yet to try adding mashed banana to my oats, maybe tomorrow will be the day. I just need to add a bit more nutrition to my morning oats now that I’m out of pumpkin.

Obviously since breakfast was consumed at an ungodly hour, I was hungry again by 9am. I lightly toasted a whole wheat english muffin and drizzled about a teaspoon of pb on top. I’ve been drinking water like it’s going out of style and am peeing every 20 minutes (tmi?) but I want to make sure I’m hydrated for Saturday.

On that note, several exciting race preparations happened yesterday. Robert and I went to our local running store and stocked up on all things Gu, and my spibelt came in the mail! I was tempted to take it on a test run this morning, but rain ruined that pretty quickly. We’re hoping to just do an easy 2 miler today so I can feel how the belt works and determine whether or not to run with it on Saturday. My ipod has been on the fritz for awhile and I am planning to run with my phone and listen to Pandora, so I’m hoping it all fits in the spibelt and still feels comfortable.

As far as nutrition goes, Robert is lactose intolerant, so he plans to cut out all dairy this week in order to feel in tip top shape for Saturday. Normally he can have small amounts and take a digestive supplement with no issues, but he wants to play it safe. Living with a lactose intolerant husband, I too have cut out quite a bit of dairy from my diet. I drink soy milk (because buying two kinds of milk just seems silly to me) and really don’t cook with a lot of cheese or other dairy because it upsets his stomach (and making two dinners is more ludicrous than the milk thing). Because of this, when I have copious amounts of dairy, I tend to get a bit of an upset stomach as well. So starting today, I will be dairy free until Saturday afternoon! Yipes.

Along those lines, I’m really trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my meals and snacks. I basically bombed that already with breakfast and my english muffin (woops) but lunch is probably going to he a Hugh Jass salad and I have a delicious apple calling my name to accompany it.

I’m about to take the dogs to get their nails trimmed at the vet (I am contemplating sedating them beforehand. Just kidding. Sort of.) and then we are having someone come out to give us an estimate on getting a fence, which is both super exciting and also kind of a bummer because dear Lord chain link is randomly expensive.

My #1 goal today is to not fall asleep standing up. Wish me luck.


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