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Getting ready for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon was quite an ordeal, and I’m not even talking about the actual running. I tried so many different fuels, pre-race breakfasts, nutrition plans and gear. I ran in shorts, pants, tank tops, sweaters and hats, and finally found what works best for me. Here is a breakdown of the gear I use and wear while running.

all laid out




My first experience with the spibelt was actually at the race. I had received the extra pocket as a gift for Christmas and bought the belt from Amazon with a gift card. I cannot say anything bad about either piece. I didn’t feel the belt the entire time, and was able to carry my car key, license, 2 gels, my phone and chapstick during the race without even knowing they were there. I even checked the belt a couple of times to make sure it was still on me! I absolutely love it and love that I have an extra pocket. For marathoners or people who run with a lot of extra stuff (ID, keys, camera, etc) I highly recommend getting the extra pocket. It just slides right on over the belt and you can adjust it to sit anywhere you want.

Ipod holder:

This is the Crazy On Digital armband from Amazon. It fits great, and even has a little keyhole if you need to carry your housekey. It stayed attached the whole time, which my last one never did (the velcro would get sweaty and detach). It held my headphones to the side of my arm so I wasn’t battling with the cords, and I could easily get to my ipod and turn the wheel with ease. Definitely a winner.

Goody Hair Ties:

Not much to say about these. They are the thin ones with no metal piece and I usually where 2 of them at a time to make sure my hair doesn’t fall out. I have really long, really thin hair, and these work great. I also use a Goody brand headband that doesn’t slip or fall out unless it’s put on too far back. I haven’t invested in an official running headband so I can’t really compare, but this works just fine for me and my bangs. 🙂


I have yet to join the Garmin world, but I plan to very soon. I’m saving up for a 305 (or hopefully winning one from Carrots ‘n’ Cake soon! Right now I just run with a basic stop watch to keep track of my time and splits. All of my runs are done on a track or have mile markers so I haven’t really had many issues not owning a GPS watch.

Champion from Target:

I love Target. Probably more than the average person should. I almost always wear one of these tees from their Champion collection. I have them in 4 different colors, and almost always find them on sale.

For bottoms, I wear Champion running capris, but I can’t find them on the website. I also have several pairs of running shorts that I wear in warmer weather, some from Nike outlets and the others are from Old Navy from a couple years ago.


I have always worn Asics, but these are by far my favorite. I’ve had a lot of toe problems in my last pair of shoes (I’ve lost 5 nails total) and with these, I haven’t had any problems whatsoever. They are the Asic Gel Maverick and I bought them a half size bigger than my normal shoe size. I haven’t had any blisters or toe problems since switching to these shoes!

I love Vanilla Gu, and Clif Shot Blocks. They are the only fuel that doesn’t upset my stomach on long runs. I normally drink Powerade on my long runs, and in races it’s almost always the sports drink they hand out.

I usually eat a piece of toast or a bagel with peanut butter before a long run, if anything. Sometimes I will just have a Clif bar because I have a really sensitive stomach!

And that’s my running gear/fuel in a nutshell. Is it the most professional gear? No. Does it work for me? Usually. 🙂 I would love to upgrade my watch, and will probably be switching to tank tops soon because the weather in Florida is so warm now! But for the most part, I think this combination works for me.


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  1. It was great to run my half-marathon with my fiance, but one of the top reasons was that he carried a lot of our gear. He even did our training runs with a full-on camelbak! That’s devotion.

    Sadly, I’m running my next race without him, so I’m going to have to get used to carrying my own stuff!

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