working for the weekend

This should actually be called “working through the weekend” because that’s what it looks like I’ll be doing. The day started off good, with possibly one of my best oat creations yet. I added protein powder instead of cocoa powder to give them a kick, and it was delicious. In the mix was:

1/3 cup oats
2/3 cup water
about 1/4 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
1 tsp light brown sugar
half a banana, sliced
1 Nature’s Valley Pecan crunch bar, crumbled
1 T natural creamy pb (NOT STIRRED IN)

I always stirred in my peanut butter, but I wanted to try it just on the side. Man oh man, it was amazing. I would just scoop a little bit with each bite of oatmeal, and it tasted amazing. The bananas got nice and warm in the hot oats and added a perfect amount of sweetness. This will definitely be repeated tomorrow.

Yesterday was one of my more productive work days since my staycation (photos to come as soon as my auntie sends them my way), with some logo work, a wedding invitation design and then my night class.

Going back to school after taking a semester off isn’t as hard as I thought. Going from a huge university to a small community college, however, is quite difficult. There are juniors in high school in my marketing class. JUNIORS. There are also several adults, which makes for quite a mix, and some interesting discussions.

So why am I taking marketing, you ask? Because owning a business is freaking confusing. I know the design side. I went to school for that. I have a fancy, expensive piece of paper for that. And while I plan on continuing that education as well (drawing classes are next on the list!) (I am really loving these side notes today, aren’t I?) I wanted to expand my business knowledge. So I am applying and taking courses to obtain a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Honestly they should have a course in just teaching you how to spell entrepreneurship. But I digress. I am starting with marketing, and am taking it one night a week at my local community college. To say that my class is diverse would be the understatement of the century, but the teacher is hilarious and the book is interesting enough to read on my free time. I love marketing, I feel like it correlates so much with design that I think it’s a smooth transition into this new business brain I’m developing. Yep, it’s a whole separate brain.

Robert has been my financial adviser during this business venture, because he’s basically brilliant and could probably speak solely in numbers if given the chance. He loves math. He’s a physicist. But even with our powers combined, we don’t know a thing about owning a business. I’m hoping that by obtaining this certificate, I’ll feel more comfortable making business decisions, and making Jenn Lane Design as successful as possible!

A headache has me pretty sidelined this afternoon, but I’ve gotten a couple things checked off my to-do list. I am hoping to attend a bridal show this weekend to scope out tabling possibilities at future shows, and pass my card around to fellow vendors. Weddings are the niche that I feel most comfortable in, and I want to really immerse myself in the business. I actually can’t wait! I’ve been working on wedding invitations for a friend’s upcoming nuptuals, and it has reminded me so much of planning and preparing for my own wedding. As stressful as it was, there are some days where I truly miss the planning process. It seems like so long ago, but it hasn’t even been a year! So much has happened in such a short time.

Once my headache goes away, I plan to go for a run with the husband and puppies and then lemon pepper tilapia with roasted brussel sprouts for dinner! I’ve been excited to combine these two for awhile, and since Robert has recently expressed his love of them, I think it will make for a great combo.

Happy almost Friday!


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