Starting Fresh

This weekend has been a bit on the indulgent side, but I loved it. Friday started with a morning workout at the gym, where I upped my weight in almost ALL of my chest and shoulder workouts! I’m going to start a page with my new training schedule and exercises that I do for each “strength” day. Friday night, Robert made a delicious steak dinner with mashed potatoes and corn, and then took me to see No Strings Attached. We both loved the movie! It was so cute and funny. I definitely recommend it if you are into romantic comedies. After the movie, we went to the one and only self serve froyo shop in town. I had literally been looking forward to this all freaking day. I love frozen yogurt, and had it as a meal quite a few times my senior year of college when they opened one right by my building.

I had a mix of birthday cake, country vanilla, salted caramel and dutch chocolate, topped with cheesecake bites, coconut, kiwi and strawberries. So delicious and so worth it.

Saturday we lounged around and then finally made it to the gym by late morning. It was a cardio day for me, and Robert wanted to get a longer run in and the wind was just not letting us run outside. It literally blew my door shut on my car as I was getting my ID out to go in the gym. We planned on going to a friends to play board games (we’ve been really getting into playing RPG’s, and luckily there is another couple that Robert works with that love them too!) We didn’t think we were going to have dinner over there, so we both ate something before we went. Of course, we arrived and I immediately smelled a delicious lasagna wafting from the kitchen. I couldn’t turn it down (it seemed rude. And it also looked so amazing that I had to try it even though I wasn’t that hungry). She had made a vegetarian lasagna with zucchini, mushrooms and peppers, and a slice of toasted sourdough bread.

I’m on my own for the next few days and have stocked up on my favorite single girl dinners! Tonight was one of my favorites, and once again pretty indulgent. Annie’s mac and cheese with vegetables. I try to stay away from mac and cheese because I always end up eating way too much, but this was the perfect dinner for what I was craving.

Ever since I was little I’ve loved starting things on Mondays. New Year’s was one of my favorite holidays, because I loved the idea of having a clean slate, and starting fresh with whatever you wanted. This is why I spent the rest of the evening putting the finishing touches of a new training plan! Robert and I decided that we are going to shoot for a race in early April. There are several on or around the same day, so the plan is pretty tentative in terms of the exact date. But here it is! April Half Marathon Training Plan

I changed our old plan up a bit by adding a cross training day in place of a 3 mile run. Sometimes 5 days of running makes me feel burnt out, or the weather outside is just not ideal for a run (39 mph winds, perhaps?)

I’m feeling excited and ready to start this again. I am definitely ready to commit to keeping strength training included, as well as speed runs. My new time goal is pretty lofty (cutting a full 10 minutes from my Disney race).

A few of the weeks in February and March are going to be up in the air. We both have family coming out (YAY!!!!) and sometimes it’s hard to fit in long runs when you are running around, eating bad park food and enjoying time with loved ones. 🙂 Maybe we could talk them into joining us? 😉


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