Mini Goal…Tuesday

I meant to type this up yesterday, but my morning looked a bit like this:
– wake up late, rush to help Robert make his lunch while he gets ready because he’s already super late.
– feed dogs, take dogs poop, one dog won’t poop (she’s so picky on her “going” spot, it’s ridiculous)
– eat magical oatmeal (1/3 cup oats, 1/2 – 2/3 cup water, half mashed banana, honey, T natural pb)
– shower, look somewhat presentable
– drive 1.5 hours to paper store in Orlando to check out supplies for an order
– waste 20 minutes because they don’t even have the paper I needed
– drive 1.5 hours BACK to my side of town
– Starbucks and gas stop (I had to use the rest of my giftcard! I got a tall skinny vanilla iced latte. I didn’t finish it, it tasted funny. I also ate a KIND bar, which was overpriced but I was starving and didn’t want to waste calories or trans fat on a pastry.
– stop by Hobby Lobby “quickly” (which really means an hour wandering around and wanting to buy everything)
– finally get home so ravenous that I might start chewing on my limbs while my leftover pad thai heats up. (OMG YUM!)
– work on invitation samples, get carried away, realize it’s been 3 hours and I’ve made 2 invites. Woops. At least they look pretty.
– pick up Robert from work, feeling quite grumpy from my busy/seemingly unproductive day.

As you can see, the day got away from me. I was in quite a mood from driving all day and feeling like I didn’t even make a dent in my to-do list. Robert and I had a really fun run planned, but I just couldn’t get excited about it! I was close to throwing in the towel, but considering I have 3 MANDATORY rest days coming up this week (I get my wisdom teeth taken out on Friday. All 4 of them. 2 are impacted. It should be good times.) I knew I needed to get a good workout done.

Robert and I decided to try a hill run on one of the causeways by the house. We see people running there all the time, and have been tempted to try it for months. Basically, it’s a bridge that goes over the river with beautiful views, and very steep hills. Here’s a picture.

It doesn’t look that bad, but when you are running, the incline looks steep! We parked in a shopping center nearby, and ran roughly 10 minute miles up and over the first incline, and then turned around and ran back up and over to the car. We covered about 3.5 miles in 32 minutes! The incline and start were a little slow, but the decline was fast (duh.) The views were spectacular, running up and over the river. We even saw dolphins! We had a really good talk on the run, and by the time we got to the car, my bad mood was gone. 🙂 We walked around Office Depot for a few minutes getting some office essentials (file folders!) and were on our way home to eat dinner. For the second time of the day, I was ravenous. I made the fastest, simplest dinner I know: bean and chicken burritos. Robert had the refried beans mixed with canned chicken (I know…) and I had refried black beans on a whole wheat tortilla with fiesta veggies, salsa and half a slice of Kraft cheese. I don’t have pictures. Naturally.

This morning we finally made it to the new speed class taught at the base gym. For some reason, I thought it started at 7:30, but we showed up at 7:25 and they were already in full swing. Apparently the class starts at 7 and ends at 8! My bad. Fortunately, we only missed a couple warm up laps, and since we ran about .75 mile down to the track, we were already warm. The speed test today was a 1.5 mile run. I was a little annoyed at first. I wanted to run sprints! But once I got started, I felt great. I pushed myself the first .5 mile and came in at 4:11. The next lap was a bit slower and I was at 8:27 but I still felt like I had some power so I pushed it and came in for the final lap at 12:27. A new PR for me! We ran an easy mile cooldown and I felt great. Next week she said there were going to be more sprints and tempo work, so I’m so excited to try it again! After a quick stretch we jogged about .5 mile home, and I promptly devoured breakfast. I hate waiting to eat breakfast, even if I’m going to workout.

SOOOOO to get to the point (770 words later), here are my mini goals for the week:

1. Eat fruit/veggies with every meal.

2. Get my logo project done before Friday.

3. no cereal after dinner

4. finish my long run with sub 10 minute miles on Thursday

5. clean the house! It’s a mess and I don’t want to have to deal with it post-surgery.

So that’s all I have for now! I’ve been pretty sporadic with posting, but I promise it’s with good reason. I have some pretty exciting stuff coming up on the business front, and can’t wait to share!



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3 responses to “Mini Goal…Tuesday

  1. I love your Home Goods comment! I know the feeling!

  2. I have cleaned, and cleaned, and cleand some more. LOL

    I am blog hopping today and thought I would stop by your blog.

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    Have a great Wednesday!! :0)

  3. You’re one busy lady!! That bridge looks wicked – good for you guys 🙂

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