Getting Back to Normal

Last night was the first night since the surgery that I wasn’t woken up by searing pain. I’d say this is a step in the right direction! I did notice, however, that I am severely dehydrated. I usually drink water from my Sea World collectors bottle, but it has a straw and you can’t drink from straws after having wisdom teeth removal (it can dislodge the clot in the holes and cause painful dry sockets). I’ve been making it a point yesterday and today to drink a lot more water.

I think after the super bowl party and then trying to work on Monday, I kind of set myself back on my recovery. I felt awful all day yesterday, and Robert suggested I take today as another “do nothing but sleep and eat day”. I can’t argue with the boys logic. I thought I would be thrilled, but I miss feeling normal! I am still on a liquid food diet (although I might venture to try some Annie’s mac and cheese today for lunch!) and really miss working out. I just miss the feeling of moving and burning calories and getting my heart rate up. I miss walking out of the gym from a sweaty workout and feeling like I accomplished something. I miss having a great run by the river! Hopefully my doctor will give me the go-ahead for exercise on Friday.

As far as food goes, my calorie counts have been pretty low, but so has my activity. I’ve been right at the low end of the range that gives me, which I think is fine. I’m trying to keep it nutritious, with vegetable soups and lots of oatmeal with bananas and protein powder shakes. I haven’t had any meat since the surgery (obviously) so I am trying to get my protein from the shakes.

I got another logo project that I am super excited to work on! My family runs a store in Silver Gate, Montana called Stop the Car Trading Post, and my aunt is making chimes and other items to sell in the store. She is so creative and talented, and asked me to create a logo for her business! I made the logo and business system for Stop the Car, and can’t wait to work on another part of this project. I am so proud to be a part of the family business. 🙂

I’m off to drink more water, and probably nap. I have class tonight and have been falling asleep around 8:30pm every day, which is pretty much when my class ends, so I need to make sure I am awake enough to stay alert the whole time!


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  1. I hope you feel better soon! I took several days to recover after I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Take it slow 🙂

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