Yesterday was the first day back in the gym for weight training, and my first “official” day back on the half marathon training plan. We’ve finally decided on a race! We are going to end our (my?) racing season with the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Pensacola, FL. I really wanted to do the IronGirl, but I love doing races with the husband, and sharing the experience together. PLUS, look at this course:

beachside run? Yes, please!


The race is 9 weeks from Sunday, so this would give me 8 full weeks to build back up. I’m not worried about distance, but I have been working so hard to get to a sub 2 hour half marathon before the race season was over. I feel like it has taken me a lot longer than I expected to recover from my wisdom teeth surgery. I have only run once, and it was nowhere near a good time. My last good run was the day before my surgery, and even that wasn’t on pace for a sub 2 hour half. I miss running, and I feel really frustrated that things aren’t going as planned.

On the surgery front, I started incorporating solid foods on Friday, starting with a casserole with some meat (which was the solid food part, the rest was egg noodles which I didn’t have to chew.  On Saturday I ate a burger (very slowly, with my front teeth. It was as awkward as it sounds) and seemed okay. The doctor gave me this giant syringe to spray salt water into my wisdom teeth holes to get out food (which grosses me out SO SO MUCH) and I’ve been using it pretty religiously, so I thought I was golden and could go on my merry solid-food eating way.

I continued to add more solid foods (mostly Arnold’s thins, because I bought a whole package pre-surgery and didn’t want them to go bad. Then I made all those wontons and I’m pretty sure all the crunchy edges were a bad idea. I also couldn’t resist throwing a handful of frosted flakes into my yogurt, thinking that since they were softened, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

While I was at the gym, I started noticing that one side of my mouth was starting to hurt. I tend to clench my teeth a lot, especially when working out (weird, I know) and noticed that my alignment seemed a little off, particularly on my capped tooth (I had a root canal and a crown put on it in November). As the night progressed, that particular tooth started to hurt REALLY BAD. The pain almost brought me to tears, and I took my last percocet and laid down with an ice pack on my cheek to numb the pain. The husband and I planned to get up early today to go to our speed class, but with my tooth feeling the way it was, plus the percocet, we didn’t make it.

I feel really frustrated and defeated. I did not think that mouth surgery would derail my running plans so much. I woke up with minimal pain (I can still feel a faint throbbing, but nothing compared to last night) and decided to put myself back on the liquid/mushy food diet for the next couple days and see if the pain subsides. If it doesn’t, I’ll be calling my doctor and seeing if there is anything wrong with the crowned tooth. I really hope nothing is wrong, there is just no way we can afford another dental surgery. The cap alone was close to $700! I can’t imagine having to pay to replace it, but I also can’t imagine a life without frosted flakes. It’s quite the conundrum, guys.

So this is where I stand. I still plan to run the half marathon, and think I can do it under a 2:10, but shaving off 45 seconds a mile for 13.1 miles just seems so out of reach right now. I’m going to keep pushing though. I want do to this, and I need to believe in myself and believe that I can. It’s going to be tough, and I’m going to have to really focus the next 8 weeks and not let family visits or holidays or anything else derail me. If I need to get up at 5 am to do a long run, then so be it. 🙂


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