Cutting out a Guilty Pleasure

I am addicted to shows about weightloss. Some of my current favorites are Heavy, I used to be Fat, and Biggest Loser.

However, I have really lost steam on The Biggest Loser. I was watching my recorded episode from last night, and they were planning to cook some fish. Healthy, right? The guy asked if he should cook it in some olive oil (which is a cooking staple in my house. Healthy fats? Yes please!) THEY FREAKED OUT. No you can’t cook it with olive oil! That’s bad for you! These people work out for 6 hours a day, and are AFRAID to cook with a product that has so many health benefits for you.

I understand that they are starting from the ground up, but I don’t agree with making them FEAR foods that are healthy. Immediately after yelling at him for wanting to use olive oil, Bob Harper popped up telling viewers that Yoplait light and fit yogurt is a healthy option for a snack. So, go ahead and enjoy all the processed sugars and chemicals in Yoplait Light and Fit, but don’t you dare use a healthy ingredient while cooking.

SO in short (if 200 words is short) I am no longer watching The Biggest Loser. It just doesn’t interest me anymore. I find myself snorting critically the whole time I watch it now. I am very thankful to the healthy living blogs and books that I have read over the years that not only helped me realize healthy vs. diet food, but also taught me how to not fear food.

I’m going to go cook some tilapia in extra virgin olive oil now. 😀



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3 responses to “Cutting out a Guilty Pleasure

  1. I had the same reaction when I watched last night! They were telling him- no salt, no olive oil, no cheese… NO THANK YOU! I have always been a fan of the show, but I think it cane be too extreme sometimes. People need to learn how to eat the foods they enjoy in moderation, and the show is not very good about teaching that concept.

  2. runeatdatesleep

    I feel the SAME way about the Biggest Loser. I’ve read some of the past contestants’ blogs, and they all say they were forbidden to eat grapes and bananas. I know they have a lot of sugar, but I think cutting out any kind of fruit is ridiculous!

    P.S. Thanks for finding my blog 🙂 I’ll be following yours as well!

  3. mel

    Couldn’t agree with you more! Processed sugars and additives are okay, but natural olive oil isn’t? How hypocritical coming from a show that emphasizes health and well being. Hopefully these contestants can learn to live in moderation without fearing natural foods just because of a high sugar or fat content.

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