Five Things Friday

After my debbie downer post last night I rocked out 4 miles and felt fantastic. The house got clean, I got to take a nap after picking up the in-laws from the airport, and the dogs haven’t made anyone bleed yet today. SOOOO since things are going so swimmingly, I’d like to jump on the Five for Friday bandwagon.

Here are Five things I am loving right now:

1. chocolate pudding heated up in the microwave. It tastes like the inside of the molten lava cake on Carnival Cruises.

2. Sunshine. It has been so sunny and bright here in FL, and I love waking up and taking the dogs for a walk when it’s warmer and sunny.

3. Disney World. I’m going back this week (or next, we haven’t decided) and I’m so excited. It’s the happiest place on earth. And they have bomb ice cream.

4. My family coming in less than a month. We are super excited that Robert’s parent’s are visiting now, and it makes me even more excited for my family to come out next month. We love sharing our new lives with people, and showing them how far we have come together! We never lived together before we got married, and I think both of our families still see us as a high school couple (high school sweetheart syndrome) so when they see that we have a house and dogs and have our shit together, it’s exciting.

5. My husband. I know, it kind of sounds like a cop-out “thing” to list. I mean, who doesn’t love their husband (or wife, etc.) But he has literally walked me through some of the hardest times of my life these last few months, and his pride and confidence in my has never wavered once. He tells me every single day that I’m beautiful. He appreciates the things I do for him, and makes me feel like I can do anything.

So there is my super happy, pudding induced Friday post. This weekend has lots of fun in store, I think we are going back to the Kennedy Center and I can’t wait to see Hubble again!

Happy weekend. 🙂


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