Visitors and long runs

One of the best parts about living on the beach is that you know your family will visit. Something tells me if we are ever stationed in Minot, ND my in-laws wouldn’t have stayed an extra week like they are here.

It’s not that I don’t love having them here. They are absolutely wonderful people, and we are both so happy to share our home and time with them. But we had the whole week off, specifically to do that, last week. This week, they were scheduled to go stay in a time share in Orlando and do some sight-seeing on their own, while Robert and I got back to work.

Things changed. My mother-in-law is on a new medication, that we recently (as in last week) discovered made her allergic to the sun. So they cancelled the timeshare, and are staying with us another week.

We still planned to go back to work this week. His parents are very good at entertaining themselves, and enjoy just relaxing. The problem is, I work from home. My office is next to their room. I can hear the tv on downstairs. They come up and ask questions, or see what I’m doing. They don’t understand that I’m working. This is a home office. I closed the door to get work done and now I feel rude, because I have house guests and am shut upstairs with the door closed ignoring them. But I have a ton of work that backed up over the last week, and I’m the only one to do it.

I wish it didn’t frustrate me so much. Like I said, I love having company. But I hate feeling rude.

Sorry for the rant. I’ve just had a bit of frustration built up, and what better outlet to utilize than my very own personal blog?

On a more positive front, my last two long runs have been great, and I feel like I am really getting back on track. With the time off last week and beautiful, sunny weather, I decided to do intervals on the beach, listening to the waves. It was fantastic, and boy my quads felt it.

We did an 8 miler last Sunday and I had a personal record (barely, but still!) and PR’d again yesterday on our 9 miler. We got a bit of a late start for the 9 miles, and the sun was blazing by mile 3. We do a 3 mile loop, and I’ve noticed that it is so much more manageable if I think about each loop, rather than the whole run. I knew my legs were sore, but rather than looking down at my watch and thinking, “I’m only half-way done!” I looked down and said, “Only 15 minutes left of loop 2!” which made me feel so much more energized.

Robert stayed down at the track with me while I finished my last lap, and I thought he was just being polite or needed a break (he was doing 10 miles and he’s much much faster than me). It turns out, it was a lot hotter than I thought, and he was worried about me passing out or getting sick. I didn’t realize it until I met up with him to run the last .75 mile home that he was telling me how proud he was. He thought for sure I was going to have to stop at mile 6 and go home. But I pushed through, without even thinking about quitting. I felt great (well, mentally. Physically I wanted to rip my legs off).

We got home, iced a bit, drank some chocolate milk and tried to cool off. We basically had to hightail it to make it to church on time, and I ate a Kids Clif bar in the car. For some reason I don’t have much of an appetite after a long run, but I know I need to refuel. My normal breakfast of hot oats NEVER sounds good, and neither does peanut butter. I think next week I’m going to pre-mix a green monster smoothie and have it ready for me when I get home so I get my veggies, fruits and protein.

The race is 6 weeks away, which gives me plenty of time to build up my mileage and focus on getting my speed workouts in. I would love to finish this race under 2:10, with the ultimate goal being 2:00. So we will see!


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