I’m excited

Happy Day 3 of Lent! So far I have already been so much more productive without blogs/facebook time during work hours. I even started work a little early today, and was printing WHILE reading blogs for an hour. That, my friends, is multi-tasking at it’s finest.

Today is a pretty exciting day. I’m shipping out my first official print order, a set of business cards for an amazing company called A Creative Mind. Amanda, the creator, makes beautiful hand-crafted cards, gifts and stationary. If you get a chance, check it out. 🙂

My running has taken a bit of a turn the last few days. I was scheduled to do 10 miles on Sunday, but we weren’t able to do it until the evening. For some reason I really struggle with doing long runs any time other than first thing in the morning. I never know what to eat throughout the day to fuel properly. I had been feeling kind of sick all day (headache, cramps, etc) but I really wanted to get 10 miles in, despite not feeling well. It’s bad to take certain medications before a run, so I didn’t take a headache pill. I figured it will either get better, or stay the same.

My head was pounding by mile 4. I wanted to turn around and go inside and lay down with an ice pack over my eyes and just sleep. I talked myself into finishing my second circuit (I break my runs up into circuits because we run an out and back to the track, do laps, run back to the start and repeat. It makes it much more bearable to say “3 circuits” rather than “10 miles”). Circuits 1 and 2 were 3.5 miles, and the last one was 3. I finished up the 7 and knew I didn’t have 3 more miles in me. It seemed so silly, and looking back I wish I would have just finished it out.

I went inside, chugged water and chocolate milk, and basically went to bed with ice on my head at 8pm.

Monday I was in Jacksonville helping a friend, and was able to run 3 miles around the Naval base we were staying at for the night. I wasn’t scheduled to run but I was too chicken to go to the base gym and wanted to finish up the 10 miles (even though I know it doesn’t count for endurance, but I’m counting it for mileage).

Tuesday I got home in the late afternoon from Jacksonville and was pooped. I ended up doing some ab work and pushups and calling it a day.

Wednesday I went to the gym and did a chest and shoulder workout and 30 minutes on the elliptical for cross training. I try to set it on a higher setting, and always leave the gym a sweaty beast. People who say they don’t get a workout from the elliptical confuse me. I always feel dead and sore after! It just needs to be on a high enough resistance.

Yesterday I did a 40 minute tempo run on the treadmill. I find speed workouts so much more enjoyable on the treadmill for some reason! My tempo run looked like this:

minutes 1 – 5: 5.5 to 6.0
minutes 5 – 10: 6.0 to 6.2
minute 11: 6.3
minute 12: 6.4
minute 13. 6.5
minute 14: 6.6
minute 15: 6.7
minute 16: 6.8
minutes 17-25: 6.8
minute 26: 6.7
minute 27: 6.6
minute 28: 6.5
minute 29: 6.4
minutes 30 – 40: 6.2 to 6.0

Breaking it up by minute made it so much easier to get through the 40 minutes. I ended up running just over 4 miles, and had trouble walking to my car. That’s the sign of an excellent speed workout!

Today is an easy 3 miler and then I have soccer tonight for about an hour. I missed last week due to visiting in-laws, so I’m excited to get out there and play again!

11 miles on Saturday, and then possibly more family coming in Saturday night! This weekend is going to be so packed, but I can’t wait to get a solid long run in again. Happy Friday!


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  1. Good luck on the 11 miler! I hope it goes well for you!

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