Confession Thursday

Seeing as it’s Holy Week and all, now would be a good a time as ever to spill my confessions.

1. I eat nearly twice the amount of recommended fiber. This is pretty recent (I’ve had some new additions to my diet including ground flaxseed and La Tortilla Factory tortillas) and basically, it’s obvious if you know what I mean. I’m basically gassy all the time. I feel sorry for the people on the treadmill behind mine.

2. My workouts have been pretty lackluster lately. I can’t tell if it’s because of my sort-of cold last week, or the fact that I don’t have any races on the schedule. The way the last race panned out (i.e. didn’t happen) kind of left a bad taste in my mouth, and without a race schedule I feel kind of lost. I’ve been half-marathon training since August, and feel like without running 20 miles a week, I’m not getting enough of a workout.

3. I’ve completely sucked at not reading blogs during work hours. Huge lent fail.


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