My First Trade Show

The first day of school was always a big deal for me. I would clean my room (so I could wake up in a nice room and be able to find all of my stuff), lay out my first day of school outfit, decorate my class folders and organize my pens, pencils, paper, etc. In summary, I was a huge nerd.

Oh hai what's up want to be friends?

My love for preparation (and school supplies) has overflowed into my work life. I still practically dance through the aisles of Office Depot, but this time it’s for supplies for my home office, and not for my pink and purple pencil case (alliteration FTW).

With just a couple of weeks away until my grand opening of Jenn Lane Design, I am also preparing for my very first Bridal Trade Show. I have attended many, but this will be my first time as a vendor. Several hours of my day have been spent researching table cloths, banner prices, door prizes, invite design books, etc. I am so nervous for this trade show, but so excited to launch my business on such a positive and proactive note.

With this all said, I have a request. Even though I only post about once a month and it’s usually about my whining over a training schedule or not wanting to run, I think I still have a couple of readers who have an interest in Designed to be Fit. The bridal show has an opportunity to put a product in the first 50 gift bags of the bridal show. What would you want to see in a bridal show gift bag? What would you actually use and not throw away?

If you know any other future brides, past brides or women who happen to enjoy attending bridal shows, please forward this on. I want to make sure I provide a product that people will not only appreciate, but actually find a use for!

Thank you so much!


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