One Year Ago

I’ll start this off with an update on my 3 in 30 dealio that I mentioned earlier. I did great on Friday, and then BOOM random 24 hour stomach flu/migraine/weekend from hell. So no, I did not get my 3 miles in on Saturday, but I did on 6 on Sunday (3 on elliptical and 3 on the bike) so…win?

Yesterday’s workout was 3 miles easy and strength. I switched it up a bit and did a combo of legs and upper body that looked a little like this:

3 sets of 10 of the following:
stability ball pushups
sit ups (sets of 25)
leg press at 135 lbs
leg extension 65 lbs
shoulder press at 10 lbs
dumbbell chest press with 20 lb weights
straight leg deadlifts with 40 lbs bar (with a back row)

10 minute stretch

and then today, I invented a workout to make an hour of cardio seem a little bit more bearable. I call it the 30-20-10 No Attention Span Cardio Blast.

30 minutes elliptical trainer intervals (was at around 150 HR)
20 minutes upright stationary bike intervals (1 minute easy, 1 minute hard, repeat)
10 minute run at 9:30 pace

It was over before I knew and was actually really enjoyable. Today proved to me more that warming up actually makes running easier. (duh) I always feel like if I do a warmup, I won’t have the energy for the actual run, but my 10 minutes on the treadmill were the easiest part of the workout after having 50 minutes of cardio before it.

So one year ago, I had just gotten married, moved to Florida and moved into my house. Robert had to go on a work trip for 3 weeks, and I was kind of terrified of being by myself in this new town, so my mom offered to fly out and help me get settled. It was so fun having her here to help me get things from my registry, buy household items, and get settled in my first home.

my first baked good in our new house!

In a few hours, I’m going to be picking up my mom from the airport! She is coming to visit for a week and I am so excited. I love having her here, and taking her to the beach, and shopping and to her favorite restaurant Grills! (I’m not kidding, we went two days in a row last time she was here, and twice the time before! She can’t get enough of the shark kabobs.)

One year ago, I was really afraid of where I was. Now, I feel so happy and fulfilled and in love with where things are going. I’m happy that I made the decision to come out here. I’m happy that I followed my heart, and stuck with it, even though there were times in the beginning where I wanted to run back home, back to what was familiar and safe. I’ve grown so much as a person, and as a wife and friend and I can’t wait to share this part of my life with my best friend, my mother!


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2 responses to “One Year Ago

  1. Aw, I love this post. I’m a new followerer to your blog and I’m already hooked. Isn’t it amazing how much can change in just 365 days?

  2. I just found your blog & I really like it. I am so glad you feel happy with where you are despite being terrified at first! I recently accepted my first job offer 3 hours away (from my boyfriend, family, friends, etc) and I know it was what my heart was telling me to do, but until i get there, I’m absolutely terrified of the unknown!

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