The Kids Meal that cured the hangover from hell

I’m going to just throw it out there: the 3 miles a day plan was a bust. I hated the idea of not having rest days. At the same time, I work from home, and spend 90% of my day sitting in my office, aside from running errands and going to the gym, I’m effectively “resting”, which basically makes me feel like my metabolism is at an all time slow. Does stressing out about minute things burn calories?

I want to train for a half marathon, but I can’t pay for a half marathon. I don’t do well training for things that aren’t actually happening, so I’ve been kind of avoiding running and just working on my strength workouts and doing a lot of cross training. I’ve been jogging a lot of hills on the treadmill, which usually ends up being 3-5 miles, which would be the longest I’ve ran since May. Summer in Florida is a bitch, and I loathe running in the heat and humidity. Kind of like Madonna and hydrangeas.

My relationship with food has been getting a lot better. I’m still focusing on healthier choices (making sure I get plenty of veggies in instead of just fruit, trying to stay away from HFCS and artificial sweeteners, and staying on track with snacks, etc. But this weekend, I had a moment of weakness (read: hangover) and wanted a kids meal from Burger King like nothing I’ve ever wanted before. It’s been at least 2 years since I’ve eaten a fast food hamburger, but it was all I could think about. My stomach was in knots, my head was pounding, and I’m pretty sure it was my lifeline. So on the way home from the grocery store, after stocking up on kale, peaches, granola and cottage cheese, I bought a freaking hamburger and it was just as awesome as I thought it would be. The best part was, the guilt wasn’t there. I thought I would roll up the wrapper and wipe the salt and grease from my fingers and immediately hate myself for putting something so awful into my body, but I didn’t. I had a craving, I got a kids size hamburger, and I enjoyed it. I ate healthy foods the rest of the day (and also paid for the not-so-healthy choices with some nausea) and moved on with my day. This is something the Jennie of 6 months ago wouldn’t even be able to conceive.

So there’s that. One step at a time.

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