Resolutions and Goals

2011 Resolutions:

Fitness and Health:

1. Strength train 3 times a week
2. Run a sub 29 5k
3. Run a 2:10 half marathonCOMPLETED!
4. Eat less refined and processed foods
5. Try a new workout class

1. go back to school and get an Entrepreneurship Certificate
2. make a profit from my business
3. be more financially aware and responsible.
4. Stick to a budget and start saving
5. Work full work days, M-F

1. try more new things together
2. listen better
3. provide and show appreciate for the things provided for me
4. be more understanding and less defensive when help is provided
5. plan a romantic date night once a month

1. be more confident in social situations
2. no more negative self talk
3. go to church at least twice a month
4. read 1 book a month that is challenging intellectually
5. spend more time enjoying new experiences and step out of my comfort zone more

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