oh, myspace

I was resistant to the myspace craze towards the end of high school. In fact, I didn’t get one until my first semester of college. I really only liked designing layouts for people and myself (foreshadowing of a major change from journalism to graphic design, perhaps?) but from time to time, I would post a survey bulletin. I loved reading them from other people. It was fun to me to hear random answers from my friends about things that I probably wouldn’t have thought to ask. It was also kind of a contest to see who had the funniest answers. But I digress.

I am apparently on a 1 day on, 1 day off schedule with this illness. Yesterday, I felt pretty good. Got some work done, worked out (omg so sore) and went to my night class feeling pretty good. Today I woke up feeling feverish again, and have had an on and off nagging headache. WTF?

In light of my lack of anything interesting to say, I felt like reverting back to my myspacing days and do a survey so you can learn answers to questions you probably didn’t care about. (You may have also seen this on a million other blogs about two months ago. I’m fashionably late.)

A – Age: 24
B – Bed size: queen
C – Chore you hate: vacuuming
D – Don’t eat: shellfish
E – Essential start-your-day item: oatmeal
F – Favorite board game: Settlers of Catan
G – Gold or Silver: Silver or white gold
H – Height: 5′ and a quarter of an inch. I’m a little nugget.
I – Instruments you play: piano, flute, triangle
J – Job title: Graphic Designer, dog wrangler
K – Kid(s): just puppies for now.
L – Love or lust: I have a decent amount of both for the husband 😉
M – Mom’s name: Laurie
N – Nicknames: Jen Ren, dirtbag (it’s a term of endearment)
O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: well, I wasn’t the one in the hospital, but I stayed next to a friend overnight while she was in the hospital. Be careful when you drink, kids.
P – Pants or pantyhose: pants, pantyhose remind me of 6th grade choir concerts
Q – Favorite Movie Quote: I’m okay with being unimpressive. I sleep better.
R – Right or left handed: Right.
S – Siblings: 2
T – Time you wake up: 7-7:30am
U – Underwear: gotta have em!
V – Vegetable favorite: red peppers yum yum
W – Ways you run late: I got lost on the way. I have a horrible sense of direction.
X – X-rays you’ve had: just my chompers.
Y – Yummy food you make: pan fried chicken
Z – Zoo favorite: ostriches. Don’t ask.


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  1. Thank you for reading my blog 🙂 Seems like we both have the same start to the day, ah and the same name! 😀

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